{Guest Post} Our Trip to Sherwood Island

For me, part of being a teacher/mom means that I love to squeeze every little bit of adventure out of summer with my girl, Miss C. This summer, Miss C is 4 ½ years old and, much like her mother, has a wonderful sense of wanderlust. So, on a Wednesday morning when I asked her if she wanted to go explore a new beach, she said “yes! Only if we can collect shells”  

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Guest Post {Fairfield County Moms Blog}

Last summer, my daughter and I spent endless lazy days on the front porch reading Peter Pan. She enjoyed the stories of Peter and his Lost Boys, of coves filled with mermaids and pirates and real live fairies. And, when it came time to plan her fourth birthday party, we wanted to do something that would be fun for all her friends. We thought back to those lazy days spent on the front porch and looked to Neverland for a little inspiration and then we created a  party based on imagination and play that appealed to all children.

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Guest Post {Out & About Mom}

When I first got word that a “make your own” chocolate shop opened up in Darien I was intrigued. As soon as we set foot in Chocolate Works, Miss C was, well, like a kid in a candy store!

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Guest Post {How To Host Your Own Canvas Painting Party}

My Facebook feed is frequently filled with pictures of large groups of ladies proudly displaying the same painting and holding a glass of wine. My group of actual real life friends can never seem to agree on what we want to paint or a date that works for all of us.

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Guest Blogger {Out and About Mom}

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We loved our trip to the Westport Country Playhouse!

Valentines + Easy = {Valentineasy}

Here we are, the week of Valentines Day.  Again.  And, yet again I find myself throwing together something rather last minute despite weeks of pinning and posting.

Despite that, I present to you this year's installment of Valentineasy! Since Chuck's school has a "nut free" policy, I decided to forgo spending hours scrutinizing over ingredients lists and make something food-free.  I don't know about you, but my kid LOVES to color! So, I decided to make these little coloring books and attach a red crayon with a piece of washi tape. These were super simple to put together. Print out a copy of the coloring sheets below, and staple your assembled books together. We added a bit of washi tape to color the staples (and because it looked pretty).  We secured a crayon to the front and - ta-da! You have a Valentineasy! 

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{Guest Post} How To Host a Pie Party?

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Love pie?
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{Guest Post} Halloween + Easy = Halloweasy

I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE Parties. I LOVE Crafting. You would think that all of these things would come together to create an epically awesome Halloween feast. However, I am but a mortal. Check out my latest post on Fairfield County Moms Blog for super easy recipe ideas! 

Guest Blogger {Out and About Mom}

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We loved our summer adventures to Weir Farm!

Project {Pool Noodle Boats}

We had a blast making these Pool Noodle Boats at last week's Play Date with Fairfield County Moms Blog! This project is a great way to upcycle those pool noodles that have maybe seen a bit too much love this summer.  

Water play is a great way to keep everyone cool as the temperature rise.  These boats only take a few minutes to make, but will keep everyone happily splashing around on a hot summer's day!

Pool Noodles cut into one inch pieces 
Foam Sheets
Hole Punch

Find an adult to  cut your pool noodle into once inch thick pieces.  We used a regular kitchen knife (pool noodles cut surprisingly easy!)

Use the point of the knife to make a small hole on the top of the pool noodle (this will be where you insert your straw)

Cut the foam sheets into triangles about three inches tall

Cut the straws about three inches tall

Decorate the sail with the foam stickers

Thread the straw through the sail and insert the straw into the hole you created in the pool noodle.

Place your boat into the water!


Have fun!